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Being an amateur writer interested in erotica, I thought I'd begin a review site for erotic writing. I'm also a man who wants to write for a female audience in the genre, so I won't be reviewing stuff that I feel would appeal solely to men. Along the way, I hope to post samples of my work and get some feedback from people (you!), as to whether I'm heading in the right direction. My blog will record my learning journey, and along the way I hope I can make some friends as well.

So please join me.

Angus Clarke

PS- hope you like my little song- Cherry.

Here's my author bio...

Taken by plane to a remote island off the West Australian coast at the tender age of 3 months, Angus spent his first five years running wild under a desert sun. He went to boarding school in Melbourne, and sometimes when the lights went out, entertained his school mates in the dorm with erotic stories. He has lived in Canada and Korea, and served as an Australian infantry soldier. Always a reader, he spent six years as an English teacher, and during that time wrote his first book, a young-adult adventure tale. As a hobby, he wrote a few erotic short stories based on his own experiences, and now is bringing his love of fantasy and erotica together in a series of novellas about a female witch in 'Ishtar Unleashed.' The first is published, and the follow up is not too far away...