Hot Erotica _ Angus Clarke 

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Ishtar Unleashed
Ishtar, a young woman raised by her aunt in the heady world of Wicca, is drawn into a world of vice by Connal Bleddyn, a cruelly handsome strip-club owner. Ready for anything, Ishtar seems only to grow stronger at every abuse. Soon, she discovers that Connal seeks to satiate more than just his carnal desires; and that she in turn, has been used as the perfect bait to draw him into the open. Not for the faint-hearted.

Hostel Love - A Threesome
Hostels are a hotbed of sex and inhibition. Based on real events, this tale takes it to another level as a young man's dream night takes a turn into virgin territory.




Surfing - A Threesome
A man rides more than the waves after he enrolls in a summer surfing lesson.