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Alex Exley- 5 Erotic Stories

Well, despite wanting to review a woman's piece as my first review, the first really decent piece I came across was written by a man- Alex Exley. His '5 Erotic Stories' is good value at $2.99 for 55000 words. Some of the stories I passed by in my search were as much as $7, with a much smaller word count. In addition, he can write believable dialogue and has a nice turn of phrase. He comes out with some entertaining similes and metaphors, but should be careful not to make them too regular. The first story of the 5 seems to have an entertaining plot, where a cuckolded man finds his friend's partner deliciously over-familiar. Not having read the whole story, the woman's behaviour seems a little odd, but there might be a revelation that makes sense of it all by the end. Anyway, the guy doesn't seem overly bright, and is certainly at the mercy of this minx, despite his best intentions- and that gives the woman a power that shifts her character out of the 'sex robot' role that many females fulfill in erotic fiction written by men. All of the above suggests his anthology of 5 could well be worth the investment of a few dollars.


Angus Clarke

Kobo Inc.

Selena Kit- Bluebeard's Wife

'Tara’s husband has never shared a fantasy with her, or even masturbated that she knows of. However, this curious wife discovers a phone bill full of phone calls to sex lines and realizes her husband has been living a double life! Instead of getting mad, Tara’s curiosity leads her to begin listening in on John’s steamy conversations in hopes of finding out what he really wants in the bedroom.'

Well Selena seems somebody to emulate, if her claim to more than half a million downloads in 2011 is to believed. Her style is engaging, and free of the annoying grammatical mistakes that seem to plague so much of the online writing out there. The protagonist is a married woman, which should appeal to our shared target audience, and once you accept the slightly dubious premise that such an otherwise sexually functional couple must sort out their fantasy life, then you can just sit back and enjoy the journey. However, remember to dress lightly, because it's a hot ride!